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A Numbered List Of Numbered Tricks To Improve Your Life

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August 14th, 2008

Lists are good. Everybody likes a list to peruse in their leisure minutes. Numbered lists are even better, for some reason.

So, we’ve put together a list of lists covering a range of topics to improve your productivity, finances and life in general.

Click on each title for the full rundown…

  1. Five Alternatives To Time wasting Meetings What do you mean, you actually like meetings?
  2. Ten Skills You Need To Succeed At Just About Anything Such as writing skills, public speaking and maths
  3. Seven Things I’m Doing To Improve My Finances Let’s all try some of them too!
  4. Top Ten Video How-To’s From folding a T-shirt to buying a car. Can you afford not to watch?
  5. Ten i-Phone Productivity Tools Bought a fancy-Dan i-Phone? Well this is for you.
  6. Fifteen Productivity Blogs Waste time learning how to be more productive here.
  7. Nineteen Apps for Getting-Things-Done Free tools for Windows, Mac and Linux machines.
  8. Ten Ways To Give Yourself More Time Its real title goes on about ‘following dreams’, but that’s a bit too American for us. Basically, free up time to do anything!

So go crazy and become the super-hero you always wanted to be.

Most of these lists have been taken from the Lifehack blog.

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