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Could You Sponsor The Liverpool Biennial 2012?

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May 10th, 2011

biennial-generic-logoLiverpool Biennial is the UK’s biggest and most captivating international festival of contemporary art, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, and transforming the city into a living gallery of new art.

With an emphasis on commissioning ambitious and challenging new work the scale of our programme means that for ten weeks every two years, Liverpool offers the largest concentration of contemporary art anywhere in the UK, and one of the largest in the world.

For Liverpool Biennial 2012, hundreds of artworks will once more be presented by Liverpool’s prestigious galleries, such as Tate Liverpool and FACT, as well as galleries, cities and states from around the world, often in surprising and unexpected public locations.

Liverpool Biennial 2012 - Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

The 7th Liverpool Biennial Festival will take place between 15 September and 25 November 2012, and presents a number of opportunities for both local and national businesses to be key in delivering one of the most exciting cultural events of 2012.

We have a variety of sponsorship and partnership packages, with each offering a range of investment options that bring positive brand association and a variety of other benefits tailored to meet company requirements.

As a Project Sponsor, businesses will receive branding and benefits relating to a particular project or commission within the Liverpool Biennial Festival. Official Partner status is available at a flexible level of support in a variety of sectors; and Headline Sponsors will be key partners, receiving top-level exposure on the overall branding of the Festival.

Each package is flexible and we will work closely with businesses to ensure they find the right sponsorship package to suit their needs. For further information please contact Lisa Bradshaw or 0151 709 7444 or

“The 2012 Liverpool Biennial will once again be a landmark event in the international contemporary art calendar. Building upon the achievement of winning the inaugural Lever Prize in 2006, successive Liverpool Biennials have continued to attract the interest of art lovers worldwide with their originality, ingenuity and exceptional creativity. The Liverpool Biennial never fails to make a huge impact on its diverse and invariably curious audience. I cannot wait for the 2012 Biennial, nor can I start to imagine what surprises it will hold in store this time.”

Geoffrey Piper, Chief Executive North West Business Leadership Team.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities At Liverpool Biennial 2010

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May 4th, 2010

biennial_2010_artworkLiverpool Biennial 2010
International festival of contemporary art
18 September – 28 November

Corporate Sponsorship

The Liverpool Biennial festival is regarded as one of most exciting contemporary arts events in the UK and acts as a platform for the very best international visual art. The 2008 festival received 451,000 visitors, who in total made 975,000 visits to Biennial exhibitions or displays.

We currently have a range of sponsorship opportunities for Liverpool Biennial 2010 and would welcome the opportunity to work closely with you to develop a bespoke package of benefits that best suits the needs of your company.

Liverpool Biennial 2010

The 6th festival takes place from 18 September to 28 November 2010, and will present International 10: Touched.

This ambitious exhibition will consist of artworks by the very best international artists. Never before seen artworks will be presented in Liverpool’s prestigious galleries as well as diverse public spaces, ensuring they can be accessed by all, and not only the world’s art enthusiasts.

The commissioned artworks Liverpool Biennial presents for 2010 will continue to engage art, people and place by working in partnership with other major arts organisations in the region. We work collaboratively with a range of community groups and local neighbourhoods and will run a series of programmes alongside International 10: Touched to engage the city’s communities as much as the world of international art.

Each Liverpool Biennial festival is promoted nationally and internationally through our extensive and integrated marketing campaign. Liverpool Biennial 2008 received media coverage through outlets such as CNN, BBC Northwest Tonight, the Financial Times and the Guardian. 21.7 million were reached through outdoor advertising, with a total circulation of 363 million for coverage in newspapers and arts titles.

Sponsorship opportunities

Liverpool Biennial’s sponsorship packages for the 2010 festival offer a range of investment options that bring positive brand association and a variety of other benefits tailored to meet the needs of your company, staff and customers. Each package is flexible and we will work closely with you to ensure your business finds the right sponsorship package to suit your needs.

Project Sponsor   £2,000 - £5,000 (depending on project)
Your company will receive branding and benefits relating to a project or commission within the Liverpool Biennial festival, which you feel most appropriate for your business. Projects vary from gallery-based video installation to highly interactive public artworks.

International Exhibition Sponsor £10,000
Your company will benefit from a partnership with Liverpool Biennial’s prestigious and high profile International exhibition, the world-class focus of the Biennial festival. The theme for International 10 will be ‘Touched.’

Festival Sponsor £50,000
Your company will be a key partner in delivering one of the most exciting cultural events of 2010, providing top-level exposure on all branding and advertising for the 6th Biennial festival, including the International 10 exhibition.

For further information on these packages, how you can support Liverpool Biennial and how a bespoke package of benefits can be tailored to meet your company requirements, please contact Lisa Bradshaw, Development Officer on 0151 709 7444 or

Liverpool Biennial 2008 Research Study By The Mersey Partnership: Highlights

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August 11th, 2009


View Liverpool Biennial’s Review of 2007 & 2008 here.

England’s Northwest Research Service (ENWRS) was commissioned to conduct an evaluation of the Liverpool Biennial 2008 festival, both to understand the audience profile and gain feedback, but also to model the levels of attendance and economic impact of the exhibition as a whole.

Impact of the 2008 Biennial

  • It is estimated that the 2008 Liverpool Biennial received 451,000 visitors, who in total made 975,000 visits to Biennial exhibitions or displays.  This is a growth of 25% on the 360,000 visitors to Liverpool Biennial 2006, and an increase of 144% on the 400,000 visits made.
  • The total spend by these visitors is an estimated £26.6m, an increase of 96% on the 2006 event.
  • In terms of calculating the direct spend attributable to the event itself, approximately 269,000 visitors are estimated to have been drawn to visit Liverpool primarily because of the Biennial; these visitors spent approximately £13,892,000.  A further 14% of the total visitors indicated that the Biennial was of ‘some’ influence, adding some £1,678,000 to the economic impact figure.  This gives a total direct economic impact of £15,570,000, an increase of 108% on 2006.

gormley-smallProfile of visitors

  • 45% of visitors to the Biennial were Merseyside residents (202,950 people)
  • 21% were from elsewhere in Northwest England (93,808 people)
  • 25% were from UK locations outside of the Northwest (110,495 people)
  • 9% were from overseas locations (40,590 people).
  • Liverpool Biennial 2008 saw an increase in both national and international visitors.  Visitors from outside the Northwest increased by a third, from 82,800 to 110,495, while international visitors increased 88% from 21,600 to 40,590.
  • 23% of all visitors were on a staying visit, with the average length of stay being 3.6 nights.
  • For 2008, the largest single visitor category was those visiting on their own (30%) – although almost as many were visiting with friends (27%). A significantly high proportion of visitors were in an organised group.
  • 40% of Biennial visitors were aged 17-21, while a further 40% were aged 22-59.

Attitudes towards Visual Art and Liverpool Biennial

  • 96% of visitors agreed that Liverpool Biennial is an exciting event for Liverpool.
  • 92% agreed that Liverpool Biennial develops new audiences for contemporary art in Liverpool.
  • 95% agreed that Liverpool Biennial offers a chance for new artists to show their work.
  • 97% agreed that Liverpool Biennial is something that people in Liverpool should be proud of.
  • 92% agreed that Liverpool Biennial is for the general public, not just for visual arts specialists.
  • 96% agreed that Liverpool Biennial will attract visitors to the city.
  • 41% of Biennial visitors claimed a specialist knowledge of visual art, while 40% claimed general knowledge, and 19% little or no knowledge.
  • 50% reported a professional, academic or vocational involvement in the visual arts, while 21% saw Liverpool Biennial as a cool event, not necessarily an arts event.
  • In terms of why visitors chose to visit Liverpool Biennial, Word of Mouth was the influence most likely to be mentioned (38%), followed by Biennial publications such as the Map (22%), Guide (19%) and Website (17%).
  • For almost 60% of visitors, Liverpool Biennial was their main reason for visiting the city. A further 20% were leisure visitors to the city. Some 5% attended the Biennial whilst being mainly on a shopping trip and 5% whilst visiting friends or family.
  • For 66.5% of visitors, Liverpool Biennial 2008 was the first they had attended.  30.5% had visited in 2006, and 18.9% in 2004.
  • Almost a third of Biennial visitors were on their first visit to the city, or visited less often that once a year.  Those who were visiting the city primarily for the purpose of attending Liverpool Biennial were more likely to be on their first ever visit (23%).

turning-the-place-overVisitor Opinions

  • In terms of visitor satisfaction, all aspects of the festival received positive ratings, with Value for money (4.8 out of 5); Event organisation and staff (4.54 out of 5) and Overall enjoyment (4.45 out of 5) receiving the highest ratings.  Signposting (3.17 out of 5) received the lowest overall rating (3 out of 5 is equivalent to a neutral rating).
  • When asked what they enjoyed most about their visit to the 2008 Biennial, the highest mentions went to visitors who praised the sheer diversity of work involved, whilst others expressed the view that it was good having the chance to see such contemporary art and that it helped them stay abreast of the latest trends.
  • Visitors from outside the city were particularly likely to mention that it was better than expected, and that they enjoyed discovering the wider culture in Liverpool.  Local visitors were particularly appreciative of the way the Biennial encompassed so much of the city.

For further information on Liverpool Biennial visit

To receive a copy of the full report or a 2007 - 2008 Review, please contact Lisa Bradshaw, Development Officer:  +44 (0)151 203 3579,

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